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mySync DM

mySync DM is among the first products on the market supporting MYOD, the next phase after plain BYOD. We give users the option to remotely manage their own devices. This advanced feature is enabled by managers for users requiring it. In addition to managing devices, mySync DM also has device data backup/restore. This starts from contacts, calendar, and text messages, and ends in photos, videos, or any other files on the devices. mySync DM is one of the few hybrid products on the market being suitable for mobile operators, mobile device manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises.


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  • mySync DM is able to integrate deeply into 3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE networks with support for technologies like VoLTE or RCS configuration and backup/restore,
  • Our platform client is easily embeddable or preloadable to Android and Windows Phone devices to enable easy service differentiation from the bulk of too-similar devices, and
  • We have all the features service providers and enterprises need, including security management, configuration management, application management, and data management. Ie. you will get full licecycle management tools.


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  • Service providers and enterprises benefit from practically unlimited scaleability to millions of devices per geo-distributed server cluster,
  • Operators benefit from finally being able to provide all enterprise MDM features to their customers, and not only a limited subset like before, and
  • Device holders/owners can backup, restore, move, and otherwise manage personal data on their devices independently of how device operating system manufacturer wants it to be done. Some limitations still apply.
  • mySync DM is delivered either on-premises, or on-cloud.
  • mySync DM licensing is done per device, and very flexible:
  • Prepetual licensing with yearly service and support, or
  • Monthly licensing, which includes service and support.