My Sync

Advanced Features

mySync DM has numerous advanced and cutting edge features. Some of these are only suitable for certain customer segments.

Network manufacturer features

These features are based on GSMA, OMA and related standards, and geared towards 4G/LTE technologies. This does not mean mySync DM only works on 4G/LTE, no, only that we are currently investing in these new technologies.

  • Automated device recognition and configuration
    • Some of these features utilise our high-performance REST API cluster server
    • Some features require integration to IMS core
  • VoLTE, Voice over LTE configuration and management, all standards based
  • RCS/RCS-e, Rich Communication Suite configuration and management all based on OMA DM
    • Chat parameters
    • SMS parameters
    • Voice call parameters
    • Video sharing parameters
    • Image sharing parameters
    • IM parameters
    • File transfer parameters
    • IMS Mode
    • Favourite link configuration
    • XDMS parameters
    • RCS2 support
  • Network diagnostic and performance data collection via probe app; this is done with a client app on Android devices, and includes server side big data analytics
  • Remote Control via LogMeIn Rescue Remote

Enterprise features

These features are available for all, but normally only used by service providers and enterprises.

More details on mobile platfom support is available on our Compatibility page.

  • Security management
  • Configuration management
  • Application management
  • Data management
  • Remote Control via LogMeIn Rescue Remote