My Sync

Collaborative features

mySync DM extends traditional device data synchronisation solutions with unique collaborative features, such as company common addressbook, or conference room calendar. These features are controlled by the web portal.

Company common addressbook is a common example. It is also a very practical example, as properly implemented, is saves a bundle for every organisation using it. Nice thing about the mySync mplementation is, that the addressbook is replicated to all company users, which have at least read rights to the resource.

mySync DM does not stop here. We've also implemented for everybody within an organisation a feature to selectively share contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks to share those items to collegues. Sharing is done either read-only, or read-write. We also understand this optional feature is not for everybody, and requires careful planning.

Having collaborative features without product like Microsoft Exchange, VMware Zimbra, Lotus Notes/Domino, or Novell Groupwise, with just the mobile device, and our web portal, is an industry first by mySync DM.