My Sync

Management Engines

One of our design philosophies is to be platform native. We currently have the following device management engines:

  • OMA DM (1.2 compliant) used for Windows Phone 8, Symbian, and Android
  • Apple MDM used for iOS
  • WSDM (web-service device management) used for Android
  • EAS (Exchange ActiveSync 12.1 compliant) used by Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8+, Blackberry 10+, Android, iOS 4+, Symbian^3, Meego 1.2 Harmattan, and many others

It is important to note, mySync DM does not have any partivular software requirements in enterprise environments. This includes Microsoft Exchange Server for native EAS support, and any email gateway proxy, which are common requirements on other MDM platforms.

Please note, future changes on the mobile platforms will change the above list.