My Sync

Web portal

mySync DM web portal is the central point of action. It is used by all user classes, including vendors, organisation managers, customer care, and end-users (device owners/holders). Each user class has a different view to the system, as they have different roles and set of data to work with.

Within each user class there are tens of features and rights which are enabled or disabled depengin on business requirements and purchased licenses. This enables very fine-tuned service delivery, but also requires preliminary planning to achieve optimal solution.

The portal is easy to use. End-users very seldom require any training. Service providers and operators need a deeper understanding, and thus normally receive half a day training.

In some installations end-user access to the portal is not enabled for various reasings, it is limited to only the select few.

The web portal works with all modern web browsers. No plugins are required to use it.