My Sync

Why mySync DM?

It's saving costs!

Having the right information on the right place at the right time increases organisation efficiency dramatically, and thus saves money by decreasing the calendar hassle etc.

It's flexible!

You can connect to your data system anywhere with mySync DM. You could easily check delivery times while with your customer, change your calendar entries, add new tasks to the task list or edit your customer's information with your cell phone. It's easy and fast!

It's accurate!

Since there is a huge amount of information in a corporation, it needs to be avaivable with different equipment and for different needs. Since mySync DM constantly keeps information between terminals and information systems up-to-date, you will always have access to the most fresh and accurate information. Should you need it, automatic e-mail delivery to your mobile is also possible.

It's fast!

mySync DM can be set up right away since it needs no additional equipment. It supports many manufacturers and data systems so there is no need to change the business's cell phones or the data system. You can set up your cellphone in several minutes without the need of an IT professional.

It's secure!

If your phone gets lost, it can be remotely controlled and locked or wiped. Therefore no business secrets will ever fall into wrong hands. The data is always authenticated on the mySync server with highly secure connections. You may also enforce encryption on the device.

It's affordable!

mySync DM is an ideal alternative for different sized corporations because it can be ordered as a service or a turnkey product. There won't be any high starting fees for smaller corporations since the price is based on a monthly fee based on the amount of users and the service level. Larger corporations can manage or co-manage mySync DM themselves.